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Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, the office party from hell: stale food and warm beer mixed with a DJ who thinks he’s performing at a spring break party in Cancun. If this is a scene that sounds familiar to you and one that you are not too keen on repeating moving forward, then you need to get in touch with Jammin' Sound today and allow us to do what we do best.

As an office manager in the Rochester area, you are probably tasked with organizing Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and annual anniversaries for your business. If this has started to feel more like a chore than it should, then you are doing it wrong and need to make a change. Jammin’ Sound can help you create office parties that are memorable for all the right reasons.

So, if you want your employees and colleagues to actually look forward to the end of year party, then you need to call us today and allow our superior corporate DJs to inject a real sense of life and flair into your business’s office party.

Two Attributes of a Great DJ

At Jammin' Sound we are absolutely passionate about what we do. We love music and filling your corporate event or office party with songs and medleys that will keep your coworkers on the dance floor into the early hours is something that we constantly strive for! One of the biggest mistakes that office managers often make when they are trying to organize a killer office party or corporate event is that they try to cut corners on the DJ. And, while this may seem like a good solution, the fact of the matter is that it could end up costing your party big-time if people are put off by obnoxious playlists and an unresponsive DJ.

With that in mind, if you want to make sure that your corporate event goes as well as possible, then you need to contact us at Jammin' Sound today. Our DJs are experts at what they do and are always able to: Be a Good Listener: While it may go without saying, being a good listener is a key part of being a successful DJ. At Jammin' Sound, all our DJs will spend time with you to find out what genres of music are most appealing to you and your coworkers. Once we have a grasp on this, we can start formatting ideas about blending the different types of music into one coherent playlist.

Read the Room: Perhaps the most priceless quality that a DJ has over a pre-planned playlist is the ability to read the mood of the room and make changes on the fly depending on the crowd’s reaction. At Jammin' Sound, all of our DJs have the ability to know when a change of tempo or mood is required.

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If you want your business’s corporate event to be one that your colleagues never forget, then you need to call us today.

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